squeezer features

simply squeeze and pour

This Press Art lemon squeezer will help you create new flavor sensations in any recipe.
Its non-stick BPA-free material and unique design ensures extraction of all of the fruit’s juices.
Refresh your drink or add a dash of flavor to your favorite food with this elegant and unique lemon squeezer.

use with

seafood, fish, vegetables, meat, chicken, drinks, fruit, deserts

squeezer features


  • no sticky fingers
  • no squirting juice
  • no seeds in food
  • use 50% less lemons
  • unbreakable by hand
  • BPA free
  • 100% recyclable
  • commercial dishwasher safe
  • made in France
  • patented
  • personalized engraving available
  • sell units to your guests as retail
Squeezer features of the lemon and lime squeezer by press art distributed by solid red square
Squeezing a simple lemon is now a flourish at the table when your establishment uses the Press Art lemon and lime squeezer. Sanitary, efficient and sexy – your guests will love it!

PressartUSA lemon squeezer