buy your Press Art USA squeezer & EZ-Profi Oyster Knife

Shop here for the perfect gift for anyone that loves Kitchen Gadgets that actually work.
Shopping is a girls best friend and kitchen gadgets are fun to shop for.
Beside the Press Art Squeezer we now offer you also one of the Worlds best Oyster knife.

The EZ-Profi Chef’s Edition Oyster knife with the unique “Fin”at the bottom of the knife’s handle,
gives a superior support, torque and safe handling when shucking your Oysters.
More leverage and control due to this “Fin”. These knives are made from Surgical Stainless Steel, easy to clean and it comes with its own tin box to protect it and bring it to the beach.
The perfect gift for him.

The Press Art USA lemon & lime squeezer is a very well designed squeezer that uses half a round of a lemon instead of a wedge. The Press Art USA squeezer, squeezes almost all of the juices from the half round by a single push. It’s made in a way that the seeds stay behind in the rind in the squeezer and no squirts occurs. Please take a look in our shop to order your set of Press Art USA lemon & lime squeezers.


We do not export to EU-countries as our suppliers/manufacturers are based in Europe they have their own importers and distributors.

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