One Press Art USA lemon & lime squeezer.

$ 13.95

No sticky fingers
Dishwasher safe,
100 % made in France.
Easy to use.

SKU: 855281004007


The best house warming party gift.
This Press Art USA lemon & lime squeezer made from Tritan TX1001 copolyester is unique in the way it keeps all of the seeds confined in the squeezer as they will be pushed into the rind. Almost every drop of juice is squeezed from the half slice. Use fewer lemons and limes, enjoy more juice.

This single Press Art USA lemon & lime squeezer is the perfect gift to any housewarming, BBQ or dinner party that you are invited to. Bring it to your favorite restaurant. Use it with any food or drink that’s served with lemons on the side. Find no more seeds in your drink or food and gone are the sticky fingers and the quirts on your dress or jacket.

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