Michelin Chef Paul Bocuse & Press Art

In this video you take a look into the restaurant of Chef Paul Bocuse, the 3-star Michelin chef since 1965, using our Press Art squeezer in his famous Restaurants Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or

Instead serving one or two wedges per plate, Bocuse’s restaurant now uses the Press Art lemon & lime squeezer and uses only two half slice per plate. Using fewer lemons while the customers enjoy more flavorful juice without sticky fingers and squirts on clothes and or even worse in your eyes.

Paul Bocuse is head of the culinary Bocuse Empire and runs multiple restaurants in France, Japan and the USA. He also has a famous restaurant in Hyde Park, NY at the Culinary Institute of America. Bocuse at CIA
The Press Art lemon & lime squeezer can be used over and over again and simple cleaned in the dishwasher and is BPA-free.

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PressartUSA lemon squeezer