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In this article you will read all about the anatomy of a lemon as it is an important knowledge to gain the most of your valuable lemon or lime. What types of lemons there are and how to store them, a short lemons 101.

Do you know that when you use this squeezer and put the slice up-side-down in the squeezer you press all the essential oils out of the skin and your juice smells and tastes so much better.

When you turn the lime upside down in the squeezer, it is less hard to squeeze the lime and you get more flavorful juice.

Why are some lemons called ‘Meyer’.

excerpt from an article by Jim Willard

Frans Nicholas Meijer was born in Amsterdam in 1875; he became a gardener’s assistant at age 14 (majoring in hoeing and weeding?). He was infatuated with plants and gardens and wandered around western Europe studying his interest.

When he was 26 he emigrated to America and was hired by the Department of Agriculture as a “plant explorer” — the government job must have included per diem.

Frans (to become Frank) liked to travel alone (no sharing the expense money) and his journeys took him to Mexico and Cuba where he studied and gathered plants.

He eventually got the D of A to cough up the money to make several trips to Asia. However, these were not boondoggles, Meyer (changed the last name too) introduced more than 2,500 plant species to the West. His contributions included: Chinese cabbage, soybeans, Ginkgo biloba and a deep-yellow Chinese ornamental fruit believed to be a cross between a sweet of mandarin orange and a lemon. The last became his namesake, the Meyer lemon.

Sadly, he didn’t live to see that day. He was on his way to Shanghai on a Japanese riverboat in 1918 when he fell overboard into the Yangtze River and drowned.

lemons 101: information, flavor, uses of rind, how to squeeze and more

source: squeezetheday.com

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