Press Art USA

Solid Red Square, LLC is the exclusive USA importer of the Press Art USA lemon and lime squeezer. Our Press Art USA squeezer is developed by a French designer who after many frustrating dining experiences asked himself the question why he couldn’t get all the juice from one lemon wedge drizzled on his food without sticky fingers and still find most of the droplets besides his plate.

His goal was to create a gadget to squeeze a part of a lemon without any squirts in his eyes and all of the juice where, when and how much he wanted on his plate or in his drink with clean fingers. He went to work, designed and patented this beautiful, easy and fun to use lemon and lime squeezer and gave it the name Press Art as it is truly a piece of art, both in design and in choice of materials like BPA-Free and Estrogen Activity free(EA) Tritan TX1001 paired with a Stainless Steel pin. First class materials for your safety. Tritan TX1001 is FDA-certified for constant food contact.

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Solid Red Square distributes the lemon and lime squeezer for Press Art USA
Pour where, when and how much you want.

The Press Art USA lemon and lime squeezer is 100% Made in France. 

The retail packing is printed in the USA. The boxes are made with recycled cardboard and printed with environmentally friendly Soy-based ink.

Press Art Lemon and Lime Squeezer box and display box
Shop display with 12 two-packs and a single two-pack.