Press Art Lemon & Lime Squeezer

The Press Art lemon & lime squeezer, is a unique small patented utensil that eliminates sticky fingers and squirts on your clothing when squeezing a lemon. The use of the Press Art squeezer will change your dining experience with any food or drink that uses lemon or lime juice. When squeezing the half slice, the reservoir fills up with the juice to pour over your food or in your drink. No seeds, squirts and squatters. No sticky fingers.

This Press Art squeezer is fun and easy to use. The squeezer is a great gift for every dinner party you attend to and small enough to bring into your favorite restaurant and use it.

Press Art USA lemon and lime squeezer filled with half a slice of lime made in France

Press Art USA squeezer filled with half a slice of a lime.

squeezer features

no sticky fingers

no squirting juice

no seeds in food

use 50% less lemons

unbreakable by hand


Free of Estrogen (EA) Activity

100% recyclable

commercial dishwasher safe

made in France


personalized engraving available

Use up to 50% fewer fruits with the Press Art squeezer.

Cut your fruit in 6-8 half rounds, like a smiley. The quantity of slices you can cut depends on the size of your lemon. Buy long shaped lemons. Press Art lemon & lime squeezer is made from BPA free Copolyester a FDA-certified material for constant food contact. The acidity of the citrus fruit will not effect the Copolyester and it will stay longer clear than than the common used Acrylic. You can clean the Press Art squeezer by rinsing it off or place it in any residential or commercial dishwasher top or bottom shelf.

The Press Art lemon and lime squeezer is an attractive device that will enhance your dining experience both in the efficient use of these flavor packed juices and in the simple yet sanitary method of extraction. Lemon lovers everywhere will wonder what they ever did without this delightful utensil at their disposal.

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Solid Red Square is the manufacturers representative in the USA.

PressartUSA lemon squeezer